Psoriasis Treatment

Psoriasis is a kind of skin disease. Psoriasis treatment is available for those who have it. A person with this condition may have inflamed skin which could swell and even turn red. Many of them have red skin that is observed to be patch like or scaly. The patches are itchy or might feel sensitive or sore. These can usually be seen in the elbows and knees. However, it can come up in other parts of the body such as the scalp and palms. It can also be seen in the nails and even genitals. Cells come up to the surface which is known as cell turnover and usually happens in a month’s time. However, with psoriasis, the cell turnover happens in a matter of days and happens so quickly that it piles or stacks up.

This condition happens because T cells, which are a white blood cell, are told by the body to take action. So when they become active, other parts inside the body also react. Due to this there is a fast cell turnover. Some things that can make psoriasis worse are infections, stress, dry skin, and even medicine.

Psoriasis TreatmentHowever, psoriasis treatment is possible. Here you will find out how you can treat this skin disease.

The treatment of psoriasis depends on the seriousness of the disease, how big the patches are, and the kind of psoriasis. The treatments which will be explained below do not have the same effect for everyone. Thus, the patient’s reaction is also dependent on the treatment.

1.Topical Treatment. These are put on the skin’s surface and can help fight inflammation and calm the skin. Salicylic acid is one that doctors might recommend which is also helpful in getting rid of the scales. However, if too much is absorbed into the body, it can cause side effects like hair loss. Creams with steroids also can reduce itching and prevent cells from being produced. Users must follow the doctor’s instructions. Coal tar shampoos are also used which prevent the fast growth of the skin cells. Prescription retinoid which has synthetic Vitamin A can also improve this skin disease, however, it does not work as fast as topical ointments with steroids.

2.Coal-tar shampoos. These shampoos can help decrease the rapid development of skin cells. However, sometimes folliculitis comes up which is similar to pimples and rash. Hair follicles are affected by this. Use of this kind of medicine as a psoriasis treatment needs to be supervised by the doctor.

3.Prescription retinoid. These preparations contains a synthetic vitamin A that an help improve psoriasis. It does not work quickly as steroids, but, it is clinically proven to be effective.

4.Light Therapy.

Light from the sun and artificial ultraviolet light is a psoriasis treatment.

PUVA is a light treatment mixed with a drug to make it more effective.

5.Natural Remedies. One of the treatments for this skin disease is by taking a bath with Dead Sea salts. All one needs to do is follow the instructions on how to mix it in the bath water. Then, the patient or user must soak in it for at least 15 minutes. Moisturizer must be applied right after the bath.

Cayenne is another natural remedy for psoriasis treatment.

The active ingredient capsaicin is also found in many creams used to relieve pain.

If you believe that you have any of the symptoms as described above, visit your doctor for diagnosis and ask about psoriasis treatment. Everyone reacts differently to the treatments so do not be surprised if a combination of treatment is used or that your doctor recommends trying different treatments.